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Platinum Therapy

We do face and full body therapy

"Cranio Sacral Special Therapy" "Facial Special Therapy" "Body Special Therapy". This therapy can only combine 2 menu.

However, it is a long time course; minimum 2.5 hours, and if you add option course it takes more than three hours. So please come and choose this course when you have enough time.

Comfortable sound and vibration makes you sleepy, and definitely, you will sleep when you have a therapy.

Please feel free to ask us; skin problems, diet, fix the distortion and so on.

We will care in total.

» Price table for each course is here.


Customer comments

29-year-old woman. I was troubled with acne

I had been troubled about acne for a long time. I tried many things but there were no other way for me just covered with makeup

After I had acne therapy, even though only one time, redness on my face was gone. And more surprisingly, part of acne has been dry and become smaller and smaller on next day of therapy. Honestly, I was suspicious that only sound can make change my skin condition, but now I really rely on MION therapy!

35-year-old woman. BM (bowel movement) also regularly!

I was chubby. I had tried diet several times but couldn’t make it all the time.

After continuing MION therapy, I became slim and good shape! Bust up and hip up also could be achieved! Moreover, I have bowel movement (BM) every day even though before not regularly! I feel like really healthy these days, thank you MION!

32-year-old man. face is always refreshing

My face was oily and always looked greasy even though soon after washing my face.

But after MION facial therapy, the amount of sebum is adjusted, and felt refreshing. No more uncomfortable feeling like before when I touch my face. In addition, the swelling on my face has gone down and become smaller face! Anyway, I continue the MION facial therapy regularly. Next time I want to challenge the body therapy and try diet!!

55-year-old woman.
My husband was surprised at my dramatically change!

My favorite is aging course. Every time I have therapy, my cheek is up, the jaw line become sharp and clarity of the skin comes out. Paste of makeup is absolutely different the next day course of therapy. Also Spots and wrinkles also getting less little by little. Some of my friends said looks younger than before and happiest thing is …my husband told me “You looked beautiful!”

40-year-old woman. Poor circulation also cured

I had a low body temperature and poor circulation, my friends always worried about my coldness.

Only one time therapy, skin had become more and more warm partly and poor circulation had healed already in fifth time. It was said that increasing the basal body temperature is important, and I realize, these days I can sleep well, and stiff neck reduced, and stress is decreased. Fat decreased and I can Diet, MION is perfect therapy for me!!