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What is Mion Beauty Treatment Therapy?

Mion beauty treatment therapy was established as the combination of “Sound Therapy” developed by a British Dr. Manners, “Meridian System treatment of Oriental Medicine”, and “Physical Beauty treatment”.

The Mion Therapy

The Mion Therapy is based on an idea that each of human body parts has own distinctive harmonized sound vibration.

Human body consists of 60 trillion cells which form bone, muscle, and internal organs. Elementary particles of cells forming internal organs spin around while protons, neutrons, and atoms created by elementary particles of cells spin around each other. Around atoms electrons spin. At each stage of spinning, vibration is generated by each distinctive frequency.

Vibrations enhance spontaneous remission ability.

When you are in poor physical condition, distinctive sound (frequency) in the concerned body part causes discordance. By placing an applicator generating normal sound at the part causing discordance, Mion treatment recovers disturbed frequency to normal by resonance and sympathetic vibration effects, and enhances spontaneous remission ability that your body has.

Pleasant 5 kinds of frequencies

A research on sound frequency analyses in Germany found that frequencies of human internal organs consist of 5 different types, and that such frequencies dynamically constitute a form of life. When we listen to the sound with the 5 frequencies, we can naturally relax with pleasant sounds, and feels a full sense of security.

600 kinds of vibration sound suitable to physical conditions

By conveying the vibration of sound through a meridian system, which directly reacts to each cell, you will instantly feel the effectiveness. For instance, for skin care the sound of collagen or Vitamin C, for body care the sound to react to body fat cell or the sound to accelerate lymph flow, and for physical treatment, the sound to ease stiffness on shoulder and lower back, and to eliminate stress shall be applied. You can choose specific sound depending on various symptoms.

A researcher to have developed Sound Therapy

Dr. Sir Peter Manners

Dr. Sir Peter Manners is a top researcher and innovator of sound therapy. He graduated from Oxford University, the Sorbonne, and the Heidelberg Universities. He obtained degrees in the fields of osteopathy and electro-magnetic medicine, as well as the license to practice medicine. He conducted a joint-research with Dr. Hans Jenny, as well as a joint-research with Prof. Harold Saxton Burr through correspondence. Furthermore by incorporating basic data on internal frequencies of human body, which had been studied in Germany by the end of the Second World War, Dr Manners developed “Mion Therapy” as the application in the field of medicine.

What is meridian system? 

According to ancient Chinese medicine, meridian system is a path through which life-energy known as “qi”, and blood are believed to flow. When qi and blood flow smoothly, it is believed that health is maintained. While too much or less, or congestion of qi and blood flow cause deterioration of health. Mion Therapy also adopted the findings on the relationship between meridian system and beauty which late Ms. Keiko Tsukino developed as.

Meridian system beauty treatment

Late Kyouji Kawasaki studied medicines, philosophy, and cultures of both the West and the East, and innovated “Health Cosmetology” or physical-beauty treatment by blending them. The ideology that I learned from late Mr. Kyoji Kawasaki, which is beauty treatment based on scientific research, is the core of the Mion Therapy.

MION is main therapy in our all therapy courses. Medical and Facial, body as well, first of all, we will check the state of body and your skin, and then we will select the best sound for therapy.

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