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Facial Therapy

Skin-care leads to healthy body.

Stagnant flow in meridian system lowers the functions of a body structure, muscles, and internal organs, and further causes various health problems. Through Shinon therapy, by making resonance of sound through a meridian system in a face, the sound also resonates with a meridian system of a body. In this way, the therapy makes a way for life energy flowing smoothly, and recovers the whole body to healthier conditions. Once clogged meridian system recovers, the sound which is necessary to skin, instantly resonates with, and improves wrinkled and slacking parts of your face. As the effectiveness of the therapy is immediately noticeable, we recommend you to have the therapy before your important occasions.

 Please listen to the sounds to regenerate skin cells and muscle cells, and to boost the absorption of collagen and Vitamin C.

Contents of Therapy

On every menu, we do course selection depend on your skin condition.

  • Aging
  • Whitening
  • Acne
  • Sensitive

Facial Special Therapy

Full course facial therapy
Before MION therapy, cleanse your skin well and make sound vibration infiltrate deeper.
Deep cleansing will change the entry of the sound dramatically.
After MION therapy, we will give you chest massage while a facial pack.

  1. Cleansing
  2. Deep Cleansing
  3. MION Therapy
  4. Facial Pack
  5. Chest Massage

Facial Basic Therapy

First of all, we will cleanse your skin, and then give MION therapy.

  1. Cleansing
  2. MION Therapy

Option Course

In the special facial therapy course, you can change the "Dead Sea Mask" as an option from the deep cleansing. "Dead Sea Mask” is made with ingredients from the Dead Sea. You can expect a great effect. Please try!


» Price table for each course is here