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Body Therapy

Fundamental problems of your body can be improved by Mion sound.

Body problems which cannot be solved only by conventional hand or machine massage therapy shall be eased by resonance of sounds. In this way, your body cell conditions become better, and you feel healthier. Besides that, massages through meridian system shall improve the balance among hormones and automatic nerves, and reduce external as well as internal factors which deteriorate your health. We classify your body type based on physical constitution, and eliminate the conditions of the body parts at lower temperature, puffiness, and excess fat. Uniqueness of Mion body therapy is not causing rebound phenomenon.

 You will listen to the sounds suitable to your body constitutes, that react to fat cells, and enhance the flow of lymph.

Contents of Therapy

Depend on your constitution, we will change the type of sound that reach out to fat cells and encourage lymph.
In particular, we do course selection depend on the type of fat.

  • Fatty Fat
  • Lymphatic
  • Muscular Fat
  • Poor Circulation
  • Bodymaking

Body Special Therapy

Full body therapy; upper body and lower body
We will check the condition of your body first and do the best course selection.

Example as follows;

  • 【upper body】fatty fat,【lower body】fatty fat
  • 【upper body】fatty fat,【lower body】muscular fat
  • 【back】body making,【upper body】fatty fat
  • 【front side】Poor Circulation,【lower body】fatty fat

If cellulite is attached, fat will not flow well even though lymph flow well. So we will try to loosen the cellulite first and then cellulite is becoming fat, lymph starts running.

In addition, the body-making therapy makes your body go back to a normal state. It will fix the skeleton to correct distortion and make it harder with the extra fat in the skeleton. Also it will bring easy flow of neurons hormones and you can be healthier. Bust and hips up is the final goal.

Body Basic Therapy

One course only body therapy.

Option Course

We do body therapy using a large applicator from top of clothes.

You can change it to the "Direct Skin Therapy" as option.

We do a hand massage using special cellulite cosmetics first and then do the therapy directly from top of your skin using small applicator for face.

It becomes more effective therapy.


» Price table for each course is here