Shoulder Health Therapy!

The new medical programs are Shoulder Health Therapy, Lower Back Health Therapy, Problems Acne Therapy, Health Scoliosis Therapy, Menstruation Health Therapy. For more information, click here.

New Medical Therapy!!

Craniosacral Therapy

MION therapy using a sound wave, which was originally intended for medical purposes to apply it first to the beauty. Now Aozora Clinic offers a special menu for the latest Medical. For more information, click here.

Must check! Healthy diet!!

Great response! Diet program

Currently, the trial model is going on "The diet program Challenge". For more information, click here.


01 Nov 2013
The new medical programs are "Shoulder Health Therapy", etc.
05 Sep 2013
Our latest menus therapy program at this month "Craniosacral Therapy"
07 Aug 2013
Clnic will be closed from August 8 to 18 as Lebaran holiday.
Reopen from August 19(Mon).
07 June 2013
It was published in the weekly Lifenesia
25 May 2013
We celebrated the first anniversary of Aozora Clinic.
Anniversary campaign is here.
Cranio Sacral Therapy