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Due to the good responses for "Craniosacral Therapy" in September, so we added some new menu according to the demand of our beloved customers.

Here is our new secondly medical program option :

Shoulder Health Therapy

Medical therapy program may help improve shoulder cells, nerves, stiff neck muscle & shoulders. When someone is doing heavy activity and not balance with sports or when someone frequently use computers and cell phones regardless of time, at such times our body works continuously and causes fatigue and neck and shoulder muscles become stiff so sometimes the effect is felt in the head.

Lower Back Health Therapy

Medical therapy program helps reduce back pain caused by lack of exercise, fatigue due to the hard work of the past and because tight muscles or the bone position is not good, it may happen because of nerve compression and distortion of the bones so that lower back pain often occurs especially when we are sitting or standing too long.

Problems Acne Therapy

Most people in Indonesia are very concerned with facial acne .Aozora Clinic program adds new medical therapies for acne that will make your face/skin better.

Health Scoliosis Therapy

Scoliosis is a term for disorders of the spine which can sometimes also known cause and no known cause that can not . Cause of the problems found in the spine such as curvature of the spine or slightly protruding , were encountered in adolescence to adulthood . Miontherapy , sound waves and vibrations in Mion can work very effectively to help improve the condition of the bones and nerves in the body . We will check the development of the customer condition with extreme caution.

Menstruation Health Therapy

There are many symptoms of the pain / menstrual cramps are often considered together as irregular menstruation .It 's often found in women that many activities because of fatigue on the body , which is not a good lifestyle and stress which cause the blood is not smooth so often occurs when menstrual cramps . This the latest menu Aozora Clinic focuses on menstrual health that can help expedite menstruation to prevent menstrual cramps came.

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