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Aozora Clinic have opened a new medical course.

MION therapy using a sound wave, which was originally intended for medical purposes to apply it first to the beauty. And because there are some requests from various customers, now Aozora Clinic offers a special menu for the latest Medical.

Craniosacral Therapy

Our latest menu program this month therapy "Craniosacral Therapy". Its function is to help improve the skull (bone head) and sacrum (sacral spine), to assist self healing mechanism as well as to relieve stress on the central nervous system. The result, more improved overall health and provide resistance to disease. This therapy can make the body function better and back to normal and be able to balance the mind and entire body.

  • Balanced of spine and pelvis
  • Diseases of eyes
  • Physical fatigue, pain
  • Balance of hormonal
  • Balance of autonomic nervous
  • Balance of face
  • Scoliosis(skeletal curvature)
  • Disease of motor function
  • Learning difficulties

Craniosacral Therapy Mechanism

On "Bones Skull" there are some cracks (joints) bone head, the flow of which are combined on the sidelines of the joints and bones. Rhythm contained in MION can move protruding bone or the bone position was not good and make it better (Straight).
Sacrum (the bone buttocks) could also repeated flexion - extension (elastic).
When you say why there is a rhythm like that? because there is a circulating fluid in the spinal tube (cerebrospinal fluid).
Brain and Nerves adjacent (nerves throughout the body and brain), has a tube that is covered by the dura mater. The gap between the membrane tube, hard nerves and the brain and "cerebrospinal fluid" can be balanced.The movement of the skull bones and sacral rhythm that is both contained nutrients to the nerves (cerebrospinal fluid) and circulation flowing smoothly. Movement of the pelvis or skull improper when distorted, peredaraannya be good but "Cranio Sacral Therapy" (Kuranio - Sakuraru Therapy, Cranio Sacral) can normalize the position of the bones and nerves properly.

Craniosacral Therapy

Cranio Sacral Basic Therapy

Craniosacral therapy only.

Comment patients after therapy; eyes become brighter than ever before, bone face look more balanced and face was look smaller.
With "Cranio Sacral Therapy", can help correct bone positions are not the same; example: for patients whose left leg and his right leg that has no equal in length measured from the views of the pelvis and leg position. The second day I felt after the first therapy, the effects on the autonomic nervous and hormonal feels better, even better physical condition.
After 2x therapy every morning for a row, decreased body weight more than before, so "Cranio Sacral Therapy" can also help to diet program.

If treatment "Cranio Sacral Therapy" done regularly, then the body and face of the results will be better.

"Cranio Sacral Therapy" is recommended especially for those who can’t sleep well, body fatigue, stress, lower back pain, tired eyes.

Cranio Sacral Special Therapy

After Craniosacral therapy, and to adjust the sound to then do additional therapy (according to pre-existing therapy menu, as seen from the condition of the body). This therapy is meant to help treatment overall body condition.

  1. Cranio Sacral Therapy
  2. Original MION Therapi


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